Thunderstruck II Slot: Review

If you have been looking for some great online slot games, you must have come across Thunderstruck II Slot. This has been one of the most popular slot games, which still holds a huge number of active users now. The developers of this game are Microgaming, and they have done desirable efforts, which can be seen by looking at the game’s success in the field. This is the best game for all those interested in Norse mythology. The reason behind the same is that the developers have made it themed on the same.

It has been a time since the main Thunderstruck series was launched, and many slot players wanted a platform based on the same. Fortunately, their demand was heard by Microgaming, and the team took a bit of time to create the best slot game developed on the Thunderstruck theme. This game was first revealed at the London iGaming Conference in 2010, and people loved the idea behind the same. Therefore, this game took almost no time to be a huge success. If you want more information, along with a review, you have landed at the right place.

About Thunderstruck II

This game was launched in the year 2010. It has been almost a decade, but the game’s features and quality still help it gain new audiences every day. The developers did their best so that the Norse Gods looked good, and since then, no other company has been able to compete against them in the field. This game contains a total of 3 rows and 5 reels.

Additionally, there are more than 240 different ways in which the players could win the slots and obtain money.

Having so many ways to win makes Thunderstruck II among the most popular games launched by Microgaming.

Along with that, this game’s RTP (Return To Player) is more than 96%, which is a bit above the average winning rates offered by other platforms. Players looking for a platform that gives them a sign-up bonus can also start using it. This platform provides a signing bonus of up upto 15 US Dollars or Euros (depending on the currency chosen by the user during the sign-up process).


Let us have a look at the features which are offered to the players in Thunderstruck II. This platform has great cinematics, but along with that, it also has many different things to contribute to the players. The developers knew that slot lover are fond of free spins. Therefore, they made the free spins the greatest feature of their platform. The players would receive free spins depending on the level of Gods they have unlocked in the game. For example, if the players have opened Valkyrie, then they would receive a total of 10 free spins. Also, their wins would be multiplied by 5 times to make it even more rewarding for them.

The next level is Loki, and the 5th level of Trigger will unlock it. At this level, the players will get a total of 15 free spins along with the feature of Wild Magic. This symbol of Wild Magic would appear on the third reel, transforming any revolution at random into a wild symbol. When the players reach the 10th level of Trigger, they can unlock Odin. This would reward them with the feature of Wild Raven along with 20 free spins.

There are two ravens in this feature which randomly gives 2 or 3 times the reward that the player has obtained. The last level is Thor, unlocked when the 15th level of Trigger is reached. The feature of Rolling Reel is unlocked over here with a total of 25 free spins.


Undoubtedly, Thunderstruck II is better than the original version. The developers have made significant changes to ensure that the game’s cinematics is improved. They have also improved the sound effects, which have enhanced the game more than the previous edition. The best part is that there are a total of 243 winning ways, which means that the players have a high chance to profit while playing slots on this platform. Although there are many games like this launched, none of them have even come close to the popularity of Thunderstruck II.

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