All you need to know about Vikings go wild slot

Vikings Go Wild is one of the most popular slot games ever launched on the Internet. Players have enjoyed playing the same for a long time as it has various features they could want. Being the most popular Viking slot games, many players have been looking forward to starting playing the same. But it is necessary to get some information and also look at some reviews to know better about the slot games you are about to play.

Here we will be looking at the market’s most popular Vikings Slot game. The users would receive detailed information regarding the same, which will help them to know about Vikings Go Wild and why slot lovers are fond of playing the same. Let’s get started.

About Vikings Go Wild

This game was launched in 2015, and since then, it has been attracting many new players every day. People are fond of playing the same for tons of reasons. The developers of this slot game are Yggdrasil Gaming, and they have worked a lot on the competition to ensure that the players are fond of playing the same. They examined the problems players faced on other slot game platforms and improved the same on their game. This has been a major plus point for the venue, because of which it has gained a lot of popularity in the market.

It is not easy for the players to start playing a new Slot game. So, to solve this problem, the developers also brought the game with a Demo mode where the players could examine the platform and know its features in detail. And if the players find it best for them, they can also exit the demo mode and start playing the real slot games that are present here. They have also improved their network system, ensuring that the players would not experience lag issues while playing games over there.


Let us now have a look at some of the features which the players could be able to find out on Vikings Go Wild. This website has many features and includes various ways users can take out bonuses from the platform. They have also been providing free spins to the users depending on the number of scattered symbols they have obtained in any one of them. Therefore, this means that the higher scattered symbols the players accept, the more free spins they will be awarded by the platform.

For example, if the players obtain three scattered symbols, then they will receive a total of 8 free spins. If they can get 4 scattered symbols, the platform will award them a total of 16 free spins. The highest bonus they can attain on the forum is earning a capacity of 5 scattered symbols. When the players have achieved the same, then the platform would be awarding them with a total of 24 free spins. If the players enjoy the free demo, they will have an idea of how the free spins system works over here.


Many people have already played this slot game, and they have thoroughly enjoyed playing the same. A few cons are too present in the game, but the high number of pros is enough to conquer them. The developers have made this slot game available even for handheld devices like Mobile phones and tablets.

Also, if the users do not have any money but still want to play the same, then the developers have brought down a Free Demo mode for them. This is probably the biggest reason why the reviews of this slot game are so high on the internet.

Players can also look at the graphics and animations the developers provided in the clash between the sea monsters and the Vikings. The biggest part is that the players could win upto 190 thousand Euros from this platform by playing slot games. They can also obtain treasure chests, which would help them to receive random bonuses on the forum, and these can also be used to play the games available over here. The one major disadvantage over here is that the players won’t be able to place a good bet on the high rollers.

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