Hall of Gods Jackpot slot: Guide

Hall of Gods is one of the internet’s most popular online slot games. This game has interesting graphics, and the players enjoy the various features. The best part is that this game contains one Jackpot of the total eleven Jackpots made by NetEnt Jackpots. And we all know that the Jackpots which come under this category are among the highly rewarding ones. So, if you are also looking forward to trying your luck in this huge Jackpot, there are a few things that should be known for the same.

Here we will provide the players with a guide for the Hall of Gods Jackpot slot. Developers launched this game in the year 2010, and since then, it has created a lot of millionaires all over the world. There are a total of three Jackpots that the players could be able to play over here. These are mini, midi, and the Mega Jackpot. All of these three come under the category of Progressive jackpots. This means that if the players have a little experience in the same, they would also be able to turn out profits.

Progressive Jackpots

There are a total of three progressive Jackpots present on this platform. The minimum amount of bet the users could place over here is 20 cents, which must be placed on all the winning lines. The maximum they can remember is 50 euros per spin, and the highest jackpot they can attain through the same is above 3.4 million Euros. This amount is enough to make someone a millionaire within a few minutes. This is the biggest reason why people prefer playing progressive Jackpots over here. As the name suggests, players’ chances of winning the Jackpot increase with every spin.

Let’s have a look at the mini jackpot price over here. It starts with just three euros, which is the minimum amount the players could win through the same. The highest win in the mini jackpot table is 8000 euros which is a huge price. The next one is midi which is more highly rewarding than the previous one. This has been the most desirable jackpot on the platform as the players could obtain hundreds and even thousands of euros through the same.

The last jackpot table present over here is known as the Mega Jackpot. And as the name suggests, the players could also win a huge prize through the same. The jackpot price the players can attain through the same is more than 7.5 Million euros, and the average payout present in this table is 5.2 million euros. This amount is given out around two times yearly, which means that the platform is helping the players to become instant millionaires. This is the biggest reason why the developers of this platform have named it the mega Jackpot table.


Let us now have a look at the number of payouts that the players could be able to attain through the same. We all know that this platform offers huge returns to the players and has an RTP (Return To Player) rate of 95.5%. This amount is higher than the average rates offered by the other websites. There are just a few casinos that can qualify themselves for the NetEnt Casino jackpots and having such a good amount of winning rates, the Hall of Gods Jackpot has also made it to the list. The players should keep in mind that all the spins they make to the table contribute to the Jackpot’s total prize. So, the more the players would play, the price of the jackpot will also increase substantially.

Average Win,

At last, we would look at the average win the players have taken through the same. According to the previous reports, on an average of every 163 days, the Jackpot of this platform is attained by any user who has been actively playing the same. The first jackpot of this platform was given out in 2012, and it was above 7.2 million euros. Later in the year 2013, there were two jackpots given to the players who won them and the total amount of the same was more than 12 million euros.

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