Vikings Netent Slots – Game Review

NetEnt has been one of the most popular slot game developers for a long time. They have been giving out the best and most demanded slot games to the people. Because of this reason, the company experiences a substantial increase in its number of users every day. In the last iGaming conference, NetEnt brought out two new games, which helped the company gain a good response. These games were Narcos and Vikings, and both of them had different themes. But as the Vikings TV series is much more popular than the latter, Vikings by NetEnt became a huge success.

If you are also looking forward to getting more information regarding the Vikings slot game by NetEnt, then you have landed at the right place. Currently, this slot game is under the list of top Viking-themed slot games launched.

The developers made the perfect use of new technology graphics and other aspects, which helped them to make the slot game even more magnificent. Therefore, if you are a fan of the Vikings TV series, then try out this Slot game. Here we will be having a review of the Vikings slot game by NetEnt.

About the Game

Let’s look at some information regarding the game first. The developers were not expected to bring out Vikings at the iGaming conference.

Along with that, the glimpses of the game looked far better than the players had expected. Therefore, this boosted the expectations of the fans from the competition. The best part of the game is that it always has a wins setup. Through this, the players would have multiple ways in which they would be able to establish a win while playing the slot games.

If you have played Jungle Spirits, you would know how the Vikings by NetEnt work. This game has a total of 243 ways in which the players could be able to win, and also, the reels have been established in such a way that makes the players intend to see whether they will win or not. The game has a 5×3 rotation, but when the players switch to the free spins, the reel grid changes to a 7×5 reel. This means more than 78 thousand ways exist in the free spins.


Now, we will be having a look at some of the features which are offered by the platform. The first is the winning ways. When the players would be playing the 5×3 reel, they would have a total of 243 winning ways which ensures that the player has a high chance of winning over here. But that’s definitely not where it ends. This platform also awards the players with a lot of free spins. And the best part is that when the players do the free spins, they switch to the 7×5 reel grid. This grid has 78,125 winning ways in total.

So, this clearly shows that the chances of players winning on this platform are enlarged, and the players have the right opportunity to make money through the same. When the players would land their spins on three scattered symbols, they would receive a total of seven free spins.

But it should be noted that the scattered symbols are removed when the players use them for the free spins. This means the players would have to work again in the platform to obtain the scattered symbols and get the free spins.

This game also has an RTP (Return To Player) rate of 96.05%, which is fairly above the average RTP rate.

The minimum bet the players can place is 20 cents, and the highest is 200 euros per spin.


Overall, it can be said that Vikings by NetEnt is the best game launched by the company yet. They have made some improvements in this version of the game and brought down several great features that helped it become popular. The best part is the numerous winning ways and also the free spins. It even shows that if the players have obtained the free spins, they would also be able to get a good amount of rewards if they have a bit of good luck. Although the game has various ways in which one could win, it is a bit frustrating for the players when they win less than what they placed.

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