Best Viking – Themed slots

If you have been playing slot casino games for a long time, then you would be aware of the history that the Vikings had with it. Vikings have been active members in the past of the casino games and are also known to be the founder of the slots. This has been one of the major reasons why people look at slot games with the theme of Vikings. There are several reasons why Vikings have been popular in history. You can find more information regarding the same on different websites. Here we will be having a look at some of the best slots which have the Viking theme.

Thunderstruck II

This game is perfect for all slot game lovers who are also finding Viking-themed slot games. Players love to play this slot game as it provides them with a great storyline and also the RTP, which other slot games are unable to deliver. Thunderstruck II was launched in 2009, and it’s been more than one decade, but the popularity of this game has not decreased even a bit. It has found new players every day till now. It has a Return To Player of almost 97%, and the highest the players can win through the same is 6000 coins.

Hall of Gods Slot

The Hall of Gods Slot game was launched by Net Entertainment almost a year ago. The developers spent a lot of time ensuring that this slot game’s design is the best for all Viking-themed slot game lovers. It also has a great Return to Player rate, which is generally above the Average that other websites provide. The animations they have used for the slot machines have the Viking Gods, who make the game even more adorable for Slot lovers. It has an RTP percentage of 95.7%, which is generally higher than the average that other websites provide.

Thor: The Mighty Avenger

We cannot forget Thor whenever it comes to the Vikings. And as the name suggests, this slot machine has been created especially for Thor, who is the main character of the Vikings. The developers of this slot machine are PlayTech, and they showed their creativity at its peak by making the same available for the players. There are four jackpots that the players could land up over here, which is generally more than what the other slot machines provide. It has much better graphics as compared to the other Viking-themed slots that have been launched yet.

Viking Gods: Thor & Loki

Although the graphics of this game are not much good as compared to the others, the users still enjoy playing the same for many reasons. It includes two Viking Gods which are Thor and Loki, and they are known to be the strongest gods in the same. The most popular reason people enjoy playing this slot game is that it offers free spins to them. New users receive 10 free spins, which they can use to try out their luck in slot games. If their chance comes out to be in their favor, it might help them win.

Treasures of Thor

The developers of this slot game knew that there was a lot of demand for such games. Because of this reason, they made the slot game named Treasures of Thor. If you are a Thor fan, you would be aware of the top rewards one could attain in the same way. It provides bonuses to the users upon different terms and conditions, and the maximum that one user could win from the same is around 5000 coins. It also has an RTP of 95.5%, which is above average.

Viking Mania

This slot game would be fun for all the players who love playing Viking-themed slots. It has been named the most fun-themed Viking slot game ever. The developers of this slot game provided it with an amazing design which helped this game to gain hype and an audience in the market. Along with that, the players could also be able to try out the bonus features over here and obtain free spins in the game. The best part is that the users are having RTP of 97%, which is genuinely what everyone needs.

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